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MedCart is saving lives in Africa!

One Delivery at a Time...

MedCart is a drug and healthcare equipment delivery service. Essentially, we provide people with an easier access to over-the-counter drugs and diagnostic devices through our mobile android app. We also focus on contraceptive items as we hope to contribute to mitigating the negative consequences of unsafe sexual practices and overpopulation.

  • MedCart takes advantage of the growing use of the online space to market goods and services. We recognize that people are becoming more aware of and open to transacting virtually in their comfort zones. Thus, we operate through a mobile app.


  • Users log into mobile app and select from between the available over-the counter medications like analgesics and antihistamines, diagnostic devices and contraceptives like condoms or pills, which they require. The order is registered after payment is made through the online payment portal and transited to our partner community pharmacy outlets that select and package the products.
  • Our delivery agent then picks up the package and delivers it to the requested location in reasonable time. We have a large focus on helping people obtain items of contraception. This stems from the realization that many people are often hesitant to go to physical drugstores to procure these items because of the stigma attached to it. Because of our resolve to help see a reduction in the transmission of diseases and the proliferation of unwanted pregnancies, we provide a platform where people would find it easy to get these protective items comfortably without embarrassment.
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What we offer?

We help you attend to your health on time!

OTC Drugs Delivery

We help you keep your health a priority by making sure you have unrestricted access to OTC drugs from trusted brands through our registered pharmacy outlets. No more queuing at pharmacies, we bring the comfort to your fingertips.Yours is to order, ours is to deliver to your doorstep.

Pharmacy Registration

Are you a registered pharmacy owner? Do you sell drugs from trusted brands? You can increase sales by partnering with us. We are your delivery wheels in reaching everyone in your neighbourhood.

Buy Your Contraceptives

We lead the crusade against overpopulation, STDs and STIs! Never should you be embarrassed again buying your contraceptives. Now, you can order from the comfort of your home and we deliver discreetly to your location. We help you to be free with your sex life!

Crowdsource Delivery Agents

You can earn some extra cash delivering MedCart packages in your neighbourhood. Not full time, just part time at your convenience!

Diagnostics Devices

We help you keep track of your health and fitness by giving you access to portable and affordable Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Devices. You don't have to worry about that weight, high blood pressure, temperature and all that again. We got you covered now on our speeding wheels.

Awareness & Advocacy

Through our awareness and advocacy campaigns, we educate people on measures to take charge of their health in order to live better lives.